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From Africa with love
Infos pratiques
du Samedi 3 Juin 2023 au Dimanche 4 Juin 2023, 23:00 - 05:00
L'Alimentation Générale /// 64 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris
75011 Paris

L'ALG présente :

From Africa with love
Clubbing // Musiques electroniques
L'Alimentation Générale
Disco Makrout

Entrée avec 1 conso avant 2h : 10 EUR

03-06-2023 de 23:00 à 05:00 le 04-06-2023

From Africa with love

L'ALG présente :

L'ALG présente :

avec Stranger Souma, Kenzzza - كنز, ATA, Disco Makrout
Clubbing / 23h à 5h
10€ (avec conso avant 2h)
#oriental #electronic #rnb
Event curated par Disco Makrout


Stranger Souma
A native of Casablanca, Morocco, Stranger Souma's musical Journey started off with her learning to play multiple instruments. Enthralled by the advent and possibility of technology in music, she soon evolved into the respected DJ and producer that she is today, crafting a signature sound that is deep, minimal but decidedly soulful and spiritual, a tribute to the old soul of North Africa.
Aside from being a DJ and producer, she is also co-founder of Moroccan-based record label, Volubilian Records, through which she actively champions the region's unique musical heritage, as well as greater opportunities for its female artists.
With a strong will, she actively contributes to the development of her community in the MENA region by mentoring young women and gender minorities in music production and sound design through workshops, masterclasses and mentoras.

Kenzzza - كنز
Kenzzza is inspired by sounds ranging from syrupy R'n'B serenades to Dub riddims. Above all, Kenzzza is a fan of congas and loves partying to percussive rhythms like dembows and 140 bpm breaks. Kenzzza has a monthly residency on Radio Flouka where you can listen to her unique taste and feel the vibe before the event :
Everything starts at a party in 2016. Ambre, a singer who began practicing music from a young age meets Sophie Morello, a Parisian party organizer. Following a brief talk, the duo realize that they share similar music taste and Sophie invites Ambre to play as a DJ at her next party, "La kidnapping."
With an audience of over 1000 people, La Kidnapping is a big rave. It is this party at the same time that marks the beginning of Ambre's DJ career. Since then, she has had multiple appearances at different clubs in Paris, Brussels, and even Uganda. Constantly searching for ways to expand her music influence.
She's the organizer behind a new party - THIS IS AMAPIANO - which celebrates this way of living alongside fostering free dance and expression.

Disco Makrout
Disco Makrout est l’histoire d’une rencontre née d’une volonté de valoriser la culture orientalo-maghrebine sur la scène électro.
Une culture riche en musiques et remplie d’émotions qui permet au duo Disco Makrout d’exprimer les différentes facettes qui les constituent à travers une sélection musicale nostalgique mélangée aux styles modernes qui garantissent un voyage temporel éclectique.